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Buying A Car With A Lost Title

Ready to start the process of getting your title problem fixed? In 3 easy steps – you’re on your way!

Some deals are just hard to pass up - however - sometimes it can be a headache if you buy a car without a title. Our Office can help.. fill out the form below and we will get your new purchased titled in your name.

Provide us with your information, some background information on the vehicle purchase, the vehicle information. Fill out the form below.

Now that your information has been submitted, pay the service fee.

Once we have the information and payment, we will conduct our diligent effort and get on the path to getting you titled!

Lost Title Submission Form - Step 1

Lost car title? Or lost the paperwork to the car you bought? And now you need a title bond?

Quick Auto Tags is a licensed registration service in southern California. We are licensed by the State of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles. In 3 steps, you’re on your path to getting a title for your car.

What happens after you submit the information to the car you lost title to?

  • We run a nationwide report & determine whether or not this vehicle has been titled & where
  • We analyze the report and determine what is the best course of action
  • We contact you and advise you on what to expect, because not every situation and vehicle is the same.

Note: cars that have a legal owner (finance company) may have additional requirements.

Note: If the car is in your name already, the process is even simpler!

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