California DMV Registration Renewal in Mira Loma CA

How Do I Pay For My DMV Registration Renewal?

Renew Online

At home, in your car, at your office - You can renew your tags from anywhere through your phone, tablet or computer.

Renew On the Phone

Give us a call over the phone and our staff will renew your tags right over the phone - quick & easy.

Renew In Person

If you like to do everything in person or just plain and simply need your sticker and registration immediately, come visit us.
In Person

The California DMV has made it easier for customers to renew their Department of Motor Vehicles vehicle registration by providing multiple ways to pay for and pick up their stickers. You can do it in person, online through the DMV virtual office, at a self service kiosk or via mail. The choices to renew your registration are varied in 2021. Here are a few ways you can get it done, from best/quickest, to worst/slowest:

  1. Renew your tags online through private reg services: Since the pandemic has started the surge of private tag & title agencies that offer online vehicle registration renewals has gone up significantly. It’s a handful of companies that have the access and ability to offer you a direct portal to the DMV to instantly renew your tags online – instantly from the comfort of your home. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to get your car registration fees paid without leaving your home – from your phone or computer.
  2. Visit a licensed registration service: If you like personal service, no lines, and a variety of ways to have your auto tag delivered to you, choose a local private registration service like Quick Auto Tags (Here’s the DMV’s Business partner locator: California DMV Business Partners – Registration Services). These are privately owned businesses that are licensed and bonded to process registration renewals in their offices. Unlike the DMV, there is a convenience fee for the service, however, unlike the DMV, there is virtually no waiting for customers at the local registration services. Sometimes, customers can’t even sit down before the registration renewal process is already complete – it’s that fast. The personal service that a private registration service offers cannot be paralleled by the DMV or AAA. In addition to the faster and personalized service is the ability for the registration service to deliver your tags & new vehicle registration registration card:
    1. issue it to you in person, issue it to you by USPS, UPS, FedEX, GSO, or, even further, have them delivered to you the same day.
    2. Also, registration services offers many forms of payments such as PayPal, credit card, ACH, debit card, cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, cash apps, and even invoicing options (depending on the type of customers).
California dmv registration renewal

3 . Renew online through the California DMV website: The California DMV does have an option for you to renew your motor vehicle tags online. Their website has the capability to allow its customers to log-in to their website and renew the registration online. Again, like any service the California DMV offers directly, there is no fee. However, their service is NOT instant. They will collect your money instantly, but the sticker is not issued right away. In addition, you have to have an email, create a username and a password, and provide private information (driver’s license, address information). The registration process can be a pain. Here’s the link to their online portal: DMV online portal.

4. Go to a local DMV: Go to the DMV personally to pay for and pick up your motor vehicle tag instantly. The great thing about this is that it is instant: you pay for your tags and you get them on the spot. Also, there is no additional service fees or membership fees. Keep in mind that DMV employees and the building that they work in are paid for by your tax dollars, there should be no fee anyway. The drawback to going to the DMV is that you will be waiting for a several hours, even with an appointment, to get to a DMV technician. Sometimes you will go to a DMV and will be seen within 15 minutes, in and out, with no appointment. But for the most part, you will be waiting for hours. Here is a link to the local DMV field office: Field Office Locator

California dmv registration renewal
California dmv registration renewal

5. Go to AAA: Like the local DMV, AAA will let you pay for your registration renewal and get your car tags instantly and in person. However, lately, AAA has started to gain popularity, and they are now starting to develop 40 minute wait lines. Another drawback to using their service is that it is NOT free, you will have to pay for a membership to use their service. For some people the membership fee is well worth the money to avoid the even longer lines of the DMV. Keep in mind, the membership allows for other services, such as notary services & roadside assistance. Here’s a link to become a AAA member: AAA for Nothern California or AAA for Southern California

6. Pay for your tags by mail: If you receive a reg renewal notice from the DMV you can mail out a check or money order to the DMV directly. The great thing about this is that you avoid having to leave your home and deal with any lines or people. Another benefit is that you get your auto tag delivered to your address directly. The drawback to this of course is that it could take weeks before you receive your auto tag, leaving you wondering, when will it ever get here? The DMV may cash your check or money order as soon as they receive it, but that does not mean that they will send your car tag out right away. Here is the address that is one the reg renewal: 


PO BOX 942897

SACRAMENTO, CA 94297-0897

California dmv registration renewal

Suspended Registration

If you have not had insurance for more any period of time the likeliness is that your DMV registration is suspended! This is the DMV’s action towards people who do not keep their vehicles insured [note, this does not apply to vehicles that have a non-operation on file with the DMV].  A suspended registration is like DMV jail for cars. Most people find out that their vehicle registration is suspended when it’s time to renew their vehicle’s registration or when they receive a notice of intent to suspend letter from the DMV. Vehicle registration suspensions are directly tied to auto insurance and your vehicle – and does NOT have anything to do with your driver’s license. A registration suspension usually take 3-4 weeks to take effect. Usually the registration suspension notice is sent to you with ample time to address the matter before the suspension kicks in and the reinstatement fee is due. A suspended registration

How do I find out when my motor vehicle registration expires?


Look At the Top of Your Registration Card

This will tell you the date your registration period expires on


Look at your Title

Your title also indicates when your registration period goes until


Look at your DMV registrations renewal

it indicates the date of expiration.

What do i need to register a vehicle online?

  • License plate number
  • Vehicle identification number

What do i need to renew my vehicle registration in person?

  1. Your annual registration renewal notice or
  2. your plate number and VIN number or
  3. Old registration card or
  4. A completed REG 156 form if you do not have any of the above.

What other things May i need to renew my registration?

  1. Auto insurance card
  2. Annual smog
  3. Proof of correction (this happens when there is a recall on your vehicle – usually when there’s a recall on your vehicle and it is reported to the DMV it is California emissions related)
  4. If you’re operating a large commercial vehicle that operates above 54,999lbs you will need to provide proof that your road tax/2290 form

How do I check the status of my vehicle registration in California?

  1. You can call us, email us, text us, or complete the form at the top of this page to get your registration fees.
  2. You can call the DMV @ the following number: 800-777-0133
  3. You can use the DMV fee calculator:

I lost my registration card, sticker or license plate, can i get a replacement one?

Getting a replacement your reg card, sticker or license plate is a simple transaction that can be processed through us very quickly.

How Can I renewal my boat's registration?

Renewal Your Vessel’s Registration is simple, call us with the following information and we’ll get it done for you:

  1. The hull identification number
  2. Or the vessel renewal notice

Commercial Vehicle Registrations

Registration information for large commercial motor vehicles have requirements and options that are not required for regular vehicles. Getting these things done require DMV office visits. Unfortunately these are items that we not eligible to be processed in our office – we have to take it to the field office. Listed below are the things you may need to consider:

  1. Partial Year Registration – Abbreviated PYR, this is an option to renew your vehicles registration partially.
  2. Motor Carrier Services – if you are needing to renew your motor carrier permit
  3. IRP
  4. Special equipment – SE Plate
Commercial Vehicle Registrations

DMV Transactions that cannot be done online

The California Department of Motor vehicles has authorized the BPA (Business partner automation program) to do many things that it does at its field offices, however, it is only limited to vehicles. We do not help with the following:

  • New or replacement Driver license
  • New Identification Card

Planned Non operation


If you’re planning on not using your vehicle for the upcoming renewal year it is imperative that you file the non-op and fee before the expiration date of the registration.

For additional information about your DMV transaction please feel free to call one of our friendly staff members or message us through our chat feature, or shoot us an email today – Avoid the California Department of Motor Vehicles!

Mira Loma (Spanish for “Hill View”), now officially part of Jurupa Valley, was a census-designated place (CDP) in Riverside CountyCalifornia, United States. Its population was 21,930 in the 2010 census, up from 17,617 in the 2000 census.

Mira Loma was known as Wineville prior to 1930. The name was changed that year to help disassociate the community from the Wineville Chicken Coop murders.




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