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Quick Auto Tags in Riverside is the place to go for a quick & stress free alternative to the California DMV. With stickers, plates and registration cards issued on the spot – we take a DMV task that takes hours at a field office down to minutes at our shop. Visit us today at our Riverside office and  let our friendly and knowledgeable staff take care of you today.

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Registration Renewal

We’re your hassle-free solution for registration renewals. Our goal is to simplify the process for you, ensuring that your vehicle’s registration is up to date without any stress. With our easy-to-find Google My Business profile, you’ll have access to all the information you need about registration renewals. We’re here to provide you with clear, simple guidance on renewing your registration. Keeping your paperwork current is essential, and our experts are here to assist you every step of the way. Trust us to handle your registration renewals so that you can continue driving with confidence in Riverside. Here are other transactions we can do for you:

  • Change of Address requests
  • Replacement Stickers
  • Replacement License Plates
  • Replacemnt Registration Card
  • Change of Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Non-operational status

Title Transfer

Whether you’re buying, selling, or gifting a vehicle, our streamlined process ensures a smooth transition of ownership. Our team is here to provide you with straightforward guidance on title transfers, ensuring you have all the necessary documents and information. Trust us to handle the details so you can navigate title transfers with confidence. Keeping your paperwork accurate and up to date is our priority, so you can enjoy the road ahead in Riverside without any worries.

DMV Services Provided in Riverside

quick registration_renewal quick auto tags

California DMV Registration Renewal

Obtain your registration card instantly with us - no log-in required - no hoops to jump through - just click on our online portal and you're on your way!

title_transfer quick auto tags

DMV Title Transfer

If you've just purchased a vehicle it is imperative that you get that vehicle into your name as soon as possible. We can help you get this done within minutes!

out of state title transfer quick auto tags

Out of State Vehicle

If you purchased a vehicle from out of state, or are bringing in your vehicle from another state - you must register it within 10 days. Let us take care of the process for you from beginning to end.

lost title bonded title title reconstruct

Lost Title

If you've lost the title to a vehicle you purchased and need help getting it into your name - we can help you fix this problem. These are called bonded titles & we can help you get these fixed for you.

vin verification quick auto tags

VIN Verification

When you're bringing in a car from another state you need to get a VIN verification. Quick Auto Tags has 6 VIN verifiers on site!

lien sales quick auto tags

Lien Sale

Has your customer not paid you for your services? Has a vehicle been abandoned on your property? Has a customer disappeared on you with no way to get a hold of them? The lien sale process is the right solution for you!

Clear a Suspended Registration in California Suspended Registration​

If you are looking for DMV services, call (951) 409-9091 to get your suspended registration cleared. We offer the best service at reasonable rates!

Affidavit of Non-Use

Too late or too soon to file for a PNO? Affidavit of Non-Use is the right option for you

File for Planned Non-Operation (Non-op)

If you don’t plan on using your vehicle make sure to file a non-op on it as soon as possible.

Update Address on Registration

Having your address updated on your registration card is very important

Other DMV Services Provided

You can add your newly acquired vehicle for your PFR account through us.

Apply for Disabled Vet License Plates

If you have a vehicle that has fallen off of the DMV system our staff can help you re-introduce this vehicle into the DMV record

For vehicles with Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO) or out-of-state title

Registration for brand new vehicles entering California

Order special/personalized plates

Permanent Trailer ID (PTI) transactions, such as boat trailers, van trailers, horse trailers, or toy haulers

Do you need to reassign a plate to your vehicle? Our staff can do this for you within minutes.

If your bank requires that they be on the title listed as a legal owner our office can handle this transaction for you quickly in our office.

Submitting an NRL as soon as you sell a car is absolutely imperative to avoid any legal issues or headaches. Our team can help you get this done ASAP.

When your transaction at the DMV is not complete, you will need a permit to operate your vehicle.