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Owners & managers of Used Car dealerships are always looking for ways to increase revenue. Quick Auto Tags allows dealerships to cut time spent at the Department of Motor Vehicles by up to 100%. Our company will save your business hours every day, which translates into huge savings over time. Motor vehicle dealers have many moving parts that need attention – let us take the DMV off of your hands – stay focused on the sale of vehicles. Our services are geared towards your motor vehicle dealers.


The DMV Done Right

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Our team has years of training to handle your deals. Through our partnership, we extend our resources over to your dealer & your customers.

  • We make sure that you don’t overpay in registration fees
  • We make sure, where you can, to avoid paying penalties (repo vehicles, prior lease vehicles)
  • We handle your out-of-state deals
  • All of our team are licensed VIN verifiers
  • We can help you fix your complicated deals
  • We help with title re-constructions

Fast Title Processing

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Our dealer services have not stopped or slowed down because of COVID – we have continued to conduct business through the pandemic. We strive to live up to the first word in our name: QUICK. We value your business and understand how important it is for vehicle dealers to have perfected titles for their financed deals, that is why we work fast to get your deals processed within a day of receiving them. Our business is licensed by the DMV to process through the BPA (Business Partner Automation program) & is not limited to IBC or DMV lines.

Plate & Sticker Fulfillment

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Our office has hundreds of plates and stickers in our office for your deals. If you chose to, our team will mail out this inventory to your customers directly with YOUR logo on the envelope. In addition, all inventory that is mailed from our office is done through USPS with tracking – this avoids one of the most common and most irritating issues that customers have after the sale – lost plates in the mail.

Pickup Deals at your Business Location

For a motor vehicle dealer located within Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County or Los Angeles County we provide the service of going to your dealer address and picking up the paperwork – no need for you to leave the offices.

Daily DMV Walk-Ins

For your more complicated deals, we may have to take the paperwork to the DMV. We take the paperwork to the Department of Motor Vehicles every day as long as the DMV is open. Because of this our deals are processed within days – not weeks.

Direct Access to Our DMV Experts

Working with us will grant you a direct pipeline to our experts through our chat feature that we will grant you. You can ask us any question you may have before taking a trade-in or selling a vehicle that needs clarification before it sells.

Document Tracking

Our team keeps digital copies of your paperwork, so if for some reason you need it, we can email you or print out copies for you anytime.

Expense Tracking

As our team processes your work we create an itemized list with costs in an excel sheet that you can match up to your checks or up against your database. We keep tracking DMV fees, our service fees, postage, and any other expenses related to the processing of your deals.

Motorcycle, Permanent Trailer, Coach Trailer Dealers

In addition to your regular automobile dealer businesses we also serve different types of vehicles. There’s no difference – we will take care of you just as quickly!


If you’re a manufacturer that sells directly to the public it is advisable that you partner with our company to be able to convert those MSOs into titles as soon as possible. Avoid having to deal directly with the department of motor vehicle if you can.

Brand New Vehicles Dealer

Dealers that sell brand new vehicles are subject to slightly different rules than used car dealers. Our staff can help you process your deals through your system.

Additional Benefits of Working With Us

Don’t risk your reputation by venturing into the unknown – partner up with your professional team of DMV experts to get your work deals processed. Aside from taking away your headache with having to deal with the department yourself, here are a few additional benefits:

  • You don’t jeopardize your dealer license – you avoid creating a disgruntled customer when they get their registration, plate, and sticker fast.
  • You don’t risk there being a claim on your surety bond that is on file with the department.
  • You minimize having to pay workers compensation insurance companies premiums because you don’t have that extra staff
  • You minimize your payroll costs because you have outsourced the work
  • You pick and choose when you need us – we aren’t on your payroll full time
  • You aren’t at the mercy of the IBC with their limited staff and slow turnaround
  • You don’t need to have plates or other inventory in stock
  • Documents that pertaining to titling are not your problem – we digital copies and forward the originals to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

More Information

As the owner or manager of a dealership, don’t expose your limited liability company or corporation to DMV scrutiny, customer complaints or a bad review on social media. If you are short in DMV processors or your staff is lacking the knowledge to get the job done – use our dealer services to get it done for you. You and your team’s #1 focus is to sell vehicles – let us take care of the rest. Contact us through the form listed below to schedule a phone call or a Zoom meeting to answer your questions.

Out of State Dealerships

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As an out of state dealership that sold a car to a California resident you face challenges that can only a local partner can solve for you. Our team is ready to take care of your titling needs. 


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