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If you own or manage a large, medium or small fleet – you will inevitably have to deal with the DMV at some level. Having a partner that can facilitate you in getting the requirements met at the DMV is a necessity for someone in your position. Our company has dedicated staff that is ready to process your requests within minutes of receiving them. Having a DMV partner will ensure that any time an DMV related issue arises it will be quickly dealt with.

Who can benefit from a partnership with us?

Rental Car Companies


Construction or Utility Companies or Trucking Companies


Delivery/ Courier Services

Who can benefit from a partnership with us?

Save Time - No LInes

Instantly Get Inventory


Requests Done Instantly by Phone or Email


No Headaches or Complications

Commercial registration services

Your job title may be fleet manager, permit & licensing manager or logistics coordinator – all of these titles are connected – and all of them rely on the getting the green light from the Department of Motor Vehicles to legally operate on our roads. Whether it be a DOT biennial update; an MCP renewal or keeping your registrations paid and up to date, there are multiple moving parts to your operation. There are certain tasks that should be kept in-house, and some that should be outsourced, and in my opinion, outsourcing your commercial vehicle registration needs is the smart thing to do.

Speed in processing

partnership with our business will greatly reduce the amount of stress that your in-house people have. When it comes to your commercial vehicles money is lost when they cannot be legally operated. We strive to make industry clients such as you & your team a priority in our company. The average turn around for requests is by the end of the day. In exceptional cases, we make it happen right away. This way, your vehicles are always making money for you.

What services do we offer?

From the simplest transaction, to the more complex, we are here to offer a solution to you and your staff for your commercial vehicle registration needs.. Put a check mark on it & consider it done:

  • Submission of the 2290 heavy use tax form [same day]
  • DOT Number: new or existing
  • CA number from the CHP
  • California Motor Carriers Permit [MCP]
  • Permanent fleet registration [PFR] initial setup & ongoing management services
  • Partial Year Registration [PYR] renewal – next day service
  • Registration services for standard motor vehicles
  • Immediate issuance of plates, registration and stickers & more

Why Choose to Do Business with Quick Auto Tag's Registration Services?

Commercial registration services have direct access to most of the services that you need, depending on your service requirements. This direct access to these services is an extension of resources for your company. However, how we differentiate ourselves for our local industry clients & companies is with our priority processing. What can a service like ours do for you?


  • Placing your order for a renewal, transfer, or replacement inventory can be done by telephone, email, form submission or even telephone text message.
  • Replacement inventory requests are satisfied the same day: We have single tractor plates, trailers plates and regular commercial and regular vehicle plates.
  • We have a mobile VIN verification service – we’ll coordinate the inspection anywhere in Southern California same day.
  • Transactions that cannot be processed in-house are processed priority next day at the DMV.
  • Form submissions on our website
  • Order tracking on our website
  • Multiple ways to contact us.

What's next?

When it comes to our commercial registration services our multi-carrier customers get top priority. Fill out our form to schedule a consultation to see if our commercial registration services are a fit for your commercial registration services needs and simplify the DMV

Permanent Fleet Registration

Transforming the way fleet managers interact with the DMV

If you are a fleet manager you will be excited to learn that there is a way that you can transform the way you interact with the DMV. What will a PFR account do for you? Here’s the list:

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Save you headache
  • Clear your desk of DMV renewal registration notices
  • Clear AP’s desk of DMV renewal registration notices & checks that have to be written out.
  • Eliminate the need to distribute stickers and registration cards annually 
  • Consolidate your ENTIRE fleet into one single bill
  • Allows you to manage your fleet in chunks at a time on a month to month basis.
  • Keeps your fleet road-ready & up-to-date with the DMV & CHP
  • Helps you do more productive things with your time.

Special Equipment

Register your special equipment correctly – do not overpay

If you have water trucks, power generators, air compressors or traffic control equipment you need to register your units under “special equipment”

  • Don’t get your equipment taken away.
  • Register it correctly – and avoid being stopped by law enforcement.
  • Have a tangible document showing that you have a right to the vehicle

Change Gross Vehicle Weight

If you need to upgrade or downgrade your weight, our team can do this for you quickly and easily

Operating your vehicle overweight can cause you to get penalized by the CHP – operating underweight will cause you to overpay in fees:

  • Change your weight over an e-mail, text or phone call – we make it EASY
  • Instantly get a new CVRA sticker
  • Instantly get a new registration card with your updated operating weight
  • Instantly update your operating weight in the DMV system.

Motor Carrier Permit

If you are operating commercial units above 10,000 lbs, you will need to Motor Carrier Permit [MCP]

Owning a commercial truck is no longer as simple as paying your tags – you are now on the CHP’s radar. You must get yourself a Motor Carrier Permit – We can help you.

  • Avoid being pulled over by the CHP
  • Keep your commercial vehicles on the road
  • Comply with the DMV & CHP financial requirements

Avoid the hassle of waiting at the DMV – provide us with your fleet’s registration info and we’ll have them processed quickly. Let’s get you back on the roads!

Did you miss the deadline for showing proof of insurance? We can help you get that problem solved immediately. Quick Auto Tags is here to get your fleet back on the road.

We help registered vehicle owners obtain duplicate titles and registrations on the spot, so you are not wasting any time.

Purchasing or selling fleet vehicles? You only have 10 days to transfer titles to the new owners. We can help you get it done even with out-of-state vehicles and missing info.

Missing registration stickers?  Registered vehicles can get replacement stickers while you wait so you can continue business as usual.

Need to get some work done? Quick Auto Tags can issue you a one day permit on the spot to avoid so you can avoid DMV penalties while you get your vehicle repaired.