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Permanent Fleet Registration

In California, a Permanent Fleet Registration (PFR) is a type of registration offered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for commercial vehicles with 25 or more registered vehicles. The PFR program allows companies with large fleets to register all of their vehicles under one registration number and receive permanent license plates that do not require annual renewal.


The PFR program is designed to make it easier and more efficient for companies with large fleets to manage their registrations and renewals. By registering all of their vehicles under a single PFR, companies can save time and money on registration fees, avoid the need to renew each vehicle’s registration every year, and simplify the management of their fleet.

To qualify for a PFR, a company must have at least 25 registered vehicles in California and comply with all applicable safety and emissions regulations. Companies must also have a good compliance history and must maintain an active motor carrier permit or operating authority from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


If your company operates a large fleet of commercial vehicles in California, a Permanent Fleet Registration could be a cost-effective and convenient option for managing your registrations. Contact the DMV or a registration service for more information on how to apply for a PFR.

Benefits of a PFR Account

Transforming the way fleet managers interact with the DMV

permanent fleet registration fleet manager

If you are a fleet manager you will be excited to learn that there is a way that you can transform the way you interact with the DMV. What will a PFR account do for you? Here’s the list:

Who Should Convert Their Fleet to a PFR Account?

Rental Car Companies

Construction, Utility or Trucking Companies

Rental Car Companies

Major Benefits for Fleet Managers

Simplfied Billing

Your billing is converted from a per-unit billing to per-month billing. Making it a lot easier to manage your time & money.

Permanent Registration Cards

Your registration cards will never have be swapped out for new ones ever again - your registration cards are the same for the duration of the ownership of the vehicle.

Permanent Stickers

Annual stickers do not have to be swapped out - they are permanent. No more chasing drivers or customers to get them updated.

PFR Pricing

There is a $1 additional fee per unit per year. This is a maintenance fee charged by the DMV. Additionally, our company charges $35 per unit to manage your PFR account for you.

Additional Questions Regarding PFR

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