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Let Us Help You Get Your Customer’s Car Titled in California

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Now that you have sold the car – it is now time to title & register it. Our office can help you deal with one of the most difficult processes of the deal: tag & titling of the car you sold your California customer.

You have found the right partner to take care of this for you. Quick Auto Tags is a licensed California registration service. We live up to our name – we are QUICK. We provide the following services:

  • Tag & titling – we have the license plates, stickers and registration in our office – so the turn around is instant
  • We provide a mobile VIN verification service (a requirement for any vehicle that is coming from another state)
  • We have the friendly staff to contact your customer to tell them what they need to do next – so that you can move onto the next sale. (we promise to make you look good)
  • Your lending partner will have a perfected title so that you can get paid faster.

Call or email us so we can discuss any other questions you may have. The bottom line is this; WE MAKE IT EASY & FAST. Fill out the contact form below and we can get you on the path to wrapping up this deal!

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide two essential services that your customer will need to register their out of state vehicle:


VIN Verification: This will range between $50 to $125 (depending on what part of California they are located) – we have several partners in California so that we can keep it as low as possible.


Tag & titling: This is a flat fee of $75

As soon as we have the original documents & payment, the transaction can be completed instantly.

The following is needed:


  • Title or MSO
  • Bill of sale
  • Smog
  • VIN Verification
  • If it is a commercial vehicle, a California weight-master certificate

Our staff will deal directly with your customer and will guide them on everything they need to do to finalize the title & registration of the vehicle.

We are licensed by the California DMV to get this done for you, and we are also licensed to do this instantly through the business partner automation program.