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Duplicate Title

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If you’ve lost your title you may be wondering what exactly it is that you need to do to get a new pink slip. This article we will guide you on the simple steps needed to take to get an original title in your hand.

The Car Is Not In My Name

First and foremost, let’s establish this article is NOT for a title that is NOT in your name. If you purchased a vehicle and did not put the vehicle in your name yet, you cannot get a replacement title – you will need to apply for a new title under your name in a different way – the documents and instructions to fix this scenario are different and do not apply to the remainder of this article – we can still help you.

Secondly – if a title has a lien, loan, or financial institution on the title you will NOT be able to request a duplicate title. Please refer to this page if you are in that scenario.

Where Do I Request a Replacement Title?

There are 4 ways to request a replacement title:

  • Go directly to a Department of Motor Vehicles field office and request one in person. Click here to locate a DMV office near you.

  • Mail in your request to the Department of Motor Vehicles (make sure you send a check or money order made out to the DMV). The address to send it to is the following:

    • Vehicle Registration Operations

      Department of Motor Vehicles

      PO Box 942869

      Sacramento, CA 94269-0001

  • Visit AAA location. AAA has a southern and a northern division. Click here for those links:

  • Visit an authorised business partner, like Quick Auto Tags, and process your request instantly at our office for an additional fee.

What Paperwork Must Be submitted?

  • The REG 227 form: section 1 and section 3 completed & signed. Click here for a REG 227 form.

  • In a situation where a mailing address needs to be updated include a DMV 14 form. Click here for the DMV 14 form.

  • In a situation where DMV fees are due, and you do not wish to renew them, include a statement of facts REG 256 form stating that you only want a replacement title. Click here for a REG 256 form.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Duplicate Title?


The fee for a duplicate title is $23.

Pro-Tips When Requesting Your Vehicle's Title

  • Always use the complete Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the document you are submitting.

  • Always use the complete Vehicle owner name (make sure that it matches exactly as it is on the title). Don’t match the name on your identification card if it is different.

  • Always include the driver license number.

  • Do not send a photocopy of your documents – always send originals with a wet signature.

  • The DMV’s VFO (virtual field office – a new portal on the DMV’s website) gives people the false impression that things are instantaneasuly processed- although the request is submitted “online” – in actuality it could take way longer than you expect – it is advisable that you do this in person or through a private company like Quick Auto Tags.

  • If you mailed out your application for a duplicate certificate of title always send it via certified mail, and always include a check or money order made payable to the DMV with the FULL VIN number written on the check. This will minimize mistakes made on behalf of the DMV and will help you locate your documents faster in case you needed to follow up. After a while, when the DMV doesn’t know what to do with “misplaced” documents they will be destroyed. This happens to many requests that are submitted by mail.

Potential Issues when Requesting a Duplicate Title:

Requesting a replacement title is easy – however, there may be some issues that may come up, depending on your situation, that you need to be aware of to avoid delays in your request.

  1. If your registration fees are due the DMV will ask for you to pay them. You are not required to pay them, however, to avoid delays in the processing of your application make it clear whether you do or do not want to renew them. If you do not wish to renew them, include a statement of facts form (click here to obtain a REG 256) and in section G state “i do not wish to renew my tags, I wish to only get my replacement title, I have a right to my title” and sign the bottom of the form. However, if you do wish to renew them, make sure to include a check or money order payable to the DMV with the $23 duplicate title fee in addition to your registration fees.

  2. To request a replacement title with an updated mailing address will require you to physically go to the DMV office or to complete a REG 5065 form if you are choosing an authorized business partner. It is imperative to know that if you need to update your address you must communicate that to whoever is processing your application and complete a DMV 14 form.

  3. The following scenarios cannot request a replacement title – they must request a transfer:

    1. Court order

    2. Deceased owner – for this scenario – please refer to this page – you will need a death certificate.

  4. Requesting too many duplicate titles for the same vehicle. This is an odd one, but it does happen – there is a rule that if a title has too many duplicate titles requested within a 90-day time frame the vehicle will be required to be inspected by the DMV – so avoid this situation as much as you can and double check your paperwork.

  5. The Department of motor vehicles uses the United States Postal Service – because of this important detail – it is very possible that you may still not get your title, because the document was lost in the mail. You may have to re-order another replacement title. This is not uncommon so be mindful of that. Additionally, for the average customer the time to get an original title is roughly 2 weeks, but don’t be alarmed if you don’t get it until 6 weeks.


If you’re looking for someone to quickly process your duplicate titles submit your requests to us through our online portal and we can help you with requesting a replacement title quickly and without any hassle.


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