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Public Scales​

If the California DMV is requiring you to get a weightmaster certificate to register your out of state commercial vehicle then you will need to locate a public scale near you.


There are 3 resources that we recommend to locate one:


  1.  Google.com – Use this amazing tool that will allow you to locate a public scale near you. Type in “public scale near me” and you will most likely find one right away.
  2. The California Department of Food and Agriculture website – this government entity is who licenses the public scales that you need to take your commercial vehicle to. They have a list of the public scales in California. Note: this list they have on their website is limited and does NOT show the full list of public scales. Here is the CDFA.CA.GOV website to check out the list.
  3. Penske – This private entity has created a public scales locator. It’s very interesting to me to see a public entity that has developed this website for the exclusive purpose to locate a public scale. I have seen the list in my area and it is very thorough and complete. Click here to check out the Penske Public Scale Locator.
Tip: Most public scales are at or near a trucker’s stop. Additionally, many garbage companies are public scales as well.
Four tips to follow before you leave the scales:
  1.  Make sure to let the person that is doing the job that this is for the California DMV – the scales can provide you with two different types of weight slips – the one that you want is the one that says WEIGHTMASTER CERTIFICATE – one is shown below.
  2. Make sure that the FULL VIN (vehicle identification number) is listed on the slip.
  3. Make sure that the TARE or EMPTY weight of the vehicle is shown.
  4. This particular tip helps smaller vehicles: The California DMV will charge you based on the weight of your vehicle – the heavier your vehicle the more you pay. We suggest that you go in with a close to empty tank and also to make sure you are not carrying a load.