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Lost Renewal License Plate Sticker

If you’ve lost your renewal license plate sticker in California, there’s no need to stress. Getting a replacement is straightforward, especially with Quick Auto Tags here to help.

Why You Need to Replace Your Lost Sticker

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Your renewal sticker is important because it shows that your car is legally registered in California. Without it, you might face problems like fines.

How to Get a New Sticker Quickly

Choose Your Replacement Service:

You can get a new sticker through Quick Auto Tags, the California DMV, or AAA. Each offers an easy way to replace your sticker.

Quick Auto Tags for Fast Service:

If you want to avoid DMV lines and get your sticker fast, Quick Auto Tags is a great choice. We have an easy online service that makes the process quick and hassle-free.

What You’ll Need:

To order your new sticker, you’ll need your car’s license plate number and some basic information about your car. There’s also a small fee for the replacement sticker.

No Need to Report the Loss

No Need to Report the Loss:

Unlike other situations, there’s no need to report a lost or stolen sticker to the police. You can directly order a replacement through one of the available services.

Quick Auto Tags Makes It Easy

Losing your sticker can be an inconvenience, but it doesn’t have to be a big problem. With Quick Auto Tags, you can get your new sticker quickly and get back to driving without worry. Just head to our website, fill in a few details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Quick Auto Tags?

order your registration sticker


Our online service means you can order your new sticker from anywhere, anytime.


We process your request quickly, so your new sticker arrives fast.

Ease of Use:

Our website is easy to navigate, making your sticker replacement a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

What form do I need to complete for a replacement sticker or plate?

The DMV form required to apply for a new sticker, plate or registration card is called the REG 156 form.

Where do I apply for a new sticker, registration card or license plate?

There are 4 ways to get it done:

1 - Directly at a DMV field office
2 - AAA
3 - At a business partner's office
4 - Order online through our website

How much does it cost to get a new sticker, license plate or registration card?

The DMV charges $27.00 (this does not include our service fee)

Do I get an updated registration card, with my new sticker or plate?

When you get a new sticker or a new set of license plates you will also get an updated registration card that reflects the new sticker number or new set of plates.

My license plates were stolen, do I have to file a police report?

Yes - when you have a license plates stolen it is imperative to file a police report. This is not required when you lose your license plate.

Can you get in trouble for having someone else's registration sticker on your car while you're getting your own registration sticker at the DMV office in California?

The short answer is YES. Do NOT do this. You will get in trouble.

What vehicle code is violated?

(CVC) §4000a1 is the section of the California vehicle code that refers to registration of vehicles and certificates of title.

Can I drive my car while waiting for registration in California?

Yes. Although this is a violation and the police officer may still issue a ticket, this is fixable and the ticket is a "fix-it ticket", and will not show up on your record. Generally speaking, if proof can be shown that registration has been paid, you will not be issued a ticket.

How long does it take to get my registration sticker in the mail California?

If you order it from the DMV - it will take weeks. If you go in person to the DMV - you will get it instantly. If you order it online through us you will get it within 2 days. If you go into our office you will get it instantly.

What happens if y ou lose your California DMV renewal notice?

You will still be able to renew your tags, and you can use the registration card to be able to renew your tags. All of the relevant information is on the card.

Can I print my CA vehicle registration online?

Yes, however, it will not print out on DMV paper. It will print out on white paper only. Law enforcement will accept the card printed on white paper.

Do you need a front license plate in California.

Yes. Both front and back license plates must be displayed.

How long do I have after my tags expire in California?

This is a 2 part question:
As far as fees and penalties are concerned - penalties start to generate the day after the registration expires.
As far as law enforcment is concerned: there is a 0 grace period. You can get a ticket, especially if you can't prove you paid.

Do license plate stickers go on the front or back in California?

The decals for your standard automobile and smaller commercial vehicles go on the back.

Does California DMV send out renewal notices?

Yes they do. However, DO NOT rely on this, because although the DMV may have sent it, the USPS may not actually deliver it.

How much does it cost to replace stolen tags in California?


Is sticker proof of registration in California?

Yes. However, it must be accompanied by an actual registration card. The sticker is validation decal that visually tells law enforcement that tags were paid.

Can you get a new month sticker for license plate in California?

Yes & it is free.
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