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Why Is My Registration Suspended?​

If you have not had insurance for more any period of time the likeliness is that your DMV registration is suspended! This is the DMV’s action towards people who do not keep their vehicles insured [note, this does not apply to vehicles that have a non-operation on file with the DMV].  

Driving While My Registration is Suspended

dmv suspended registration

A suspended registration is like DMV jail for cars. Most people find out that their vehicle registration is suspended when it’s time to renew their vehicle’s registration or when they receive a notice of intent to suspend letter from the DMV.


Vehicle registration suspensions are directly tied to auto insurance and your vehicle – and does NOT have anything to do with your driver’s license. A registration suspension usually take 3-4 weeks to take effect. Usually the registration suspension notice is sent to you with ample time to address the matter before the suspension kicks in and the reinstatement fee is due.

How to Clear a Suspended Registration

dmv suspended registration

If you do have a suspended registration follow the steps listed below to clear your suspension:

  1. Buy car insurance or add it to your existing policy – this is the first step to getting your suspension cleared. If you don’t currently have insurance you can call our partner Mey’s Insurance Services @ 951-684-0494 and get insurance on your vehicle. Otherwise, call your existing agent or broker and ask them to add the vehicle onto your policy. Afterwards, the insurance company will electronically notify the DMV that you have insurance. This electronic notification is sometimes instant, sometimes it takes a day or two for it to “show up” on the DMV’s system.
  2. Pay the $14 reinstatement fee – this is the second step to getting your suspension lifted. The reinstatement fee can be made in one of the following ways:
    1.  Pay it by mail
    2. Pay it online here: Suspended Registration
      1. Note: The DMV field offices do NOT accept this fee, but our office can also help you make this payment in our office, even if you don’t have a credit card.
  3. The third step to getting your suspension cleared is a matter of waiting. Your insurance company is supposed to notify the DMV electronically that your vehicle has liability insurance coverage, however, this sometimes takes 2-3 business days, and sometimes more, and, sometimes less.. but still.. it is not instantly, however.. you do have another much quicker alternative that will enable you to get this suspension removed instantly:
    1. Although it is not common practice, a local DMV office tech MAY clear the suspension for you. The drawback to this is that it is not guaranteed that they will help you do this, the second drawback is the amount of time you need to wait in line for them to do this. You must have your proof of insurance that meets the limits of liability insurance in California in your possession to be able to move forward. Remember that they will not accept the $14 reinstatement fee at the field office.
    2. OR you can give us a call or visit us at our office – our staff can help you clear the suspension immediately and help you renew your vehicle registration instantly. You must have your proof of insurance that meets the limits of liability insurance in California. Our office can help you pay the fee online.

How Do I Know if My Registration is Suspended

If for some reason you are unsure if your registration is suspended, you can give us a call, or go to the suspension page here and see if you are suspended. Usually if you are not suspended you will get a message similar to the one below:

suspended registration quick auto tags california dmv

How to pay suspended registration online (dmv pay reinstatement fee online, dmv registration reinstatement fee, dmv reinstatement fee)

  1. Click on this link and have your insurance information and registration card information readily available. 
  2. Give us a call, we will accept your payment.

Registration Suspended But I Have Insurance

If you have insurance and you’re still suspended there is a possibility that either the insurance carrier has NOT reported your insurance to the DMV or the $14 reinstatement fee has not been paid or that your vehicle identification number is not accurate on your insurance. Below are common reasons for your registration suspension:

  1. Insurance carrier has not reported your car insurance: Contact your insurance carrier and ask them to resend the electronic notification to the DMV.
  2. If you have insurance reported to the DMV but your fee hasn’t been paid, you will need to pay that $14 fee to lift the suspension.
    1. Important note: IF you purchased insurance PRIOR to the suspension date, you do NOT have to pay the reinstatement fee.
  3. If you notice that there is a mismatch with the VIN that is on your insurance ID card and your registration – this is something that needs to be fixed ASAP. Call your insurance carrier and have that VIN updated immediately

Other Things That You May Encounter with a Suspended Registration:

  1. If your vehicle is in non-op when you decided to take it out of non op your vehicle MAY have a suspension on file. This is a glitch in the DMV system that has not been corrected. You will not be responsible for the $14 fee.
  2. If you have your commercial auto policy is a “fleet policy” your carrier most likely does NOT electronically notify the DMV that your unit has insurance – because they do not report individual vehicle’s insurance [major headache – but we can help you.
  3. Suspensions cannot be removed on the following days:
    1. Weekends
    2. Holidays
    3. Weekdays after 5:00PM

Clear Your Suspension Instantly

clear suspended registration

Ready to clear your suspension and get back on the road? Click the link on our website now to start the simple process with Quick Auto Tags. Fast, efficient, and hassle-free, we’re here to help you resolve your suspended registration quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Submit your request to Quick Auto Tags online - this is by far the fastiest and most convenient method.

2 - Email - scan your proof of insurance and email it to the financial responsibility unit here

3 - Kiosks - Submit your insurance proof & reinstatement fee.

4 - Mail - If you have a suspension notification letter mail your stub along with your proof of insurance and payment to the following: DMV, PO BOX 997405, SACRAMENTO, CA 95899-7405

If you don't have a suspension letter mail your proof and payment to the following address: DMV - VRFRP Unit, PO BOX 997408 M/S N305, SACRAMENTO, CA 95899-7408.

Phone - The DMV has an automated system and you can submit your payment and proof of insurance here. This is by far the most tedious method.

You are not supposed to be driving your vehicle without auto insurance. Auto insurance is a legal requirement to operate a vehicle in California. However, in general, your ability to drive the vehicle is not impeded, until you get stopped by law enforcement and it reflects a suspended registration.

A suspended registration has nothing to do with your driver's license.

The California DMV will honor your insurance from another state, however, you have to manually submit it, because California insurers electronically report to the DMV - other state insurance companies do not submit the insurance electronically. In other words, the process to report the insurance to California takes longer, as it takes manual verification.

An ANU is a notification to the DMV that the currently registered vehicle is not being operated or parked on any California roadway, and that the liability coverage has been cancelled to avoid registration suspension.

Yes, however, a non-op can only be filed around the registration expires, once the threshold has passed it is too early or too late to non-op - which is usually 60 days around the expiration date.

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