If I don't plan to drive your car & if you plan to store & not operate your vehicle during the next dmv registration renewal year, you may apply for the Planned Non-Operation (PNO). If you miss your window to pay the PNO fee you may be being hundreds in penalties and be stuck with paying another year's registration. Avoid the headache and pay the $21 fee. Here are a few things to know about this option:

  1. No car insurance – It is not necessary to insure your car when the fee is posted. The DMV will not be waiting for an electronic notification from your insurance carrier - and therefore it will not be suspended. If you do have insurance on a vehicle that is in non-op status, take it off the policy, and save yourself some money.
  2. It only costs $21 – If you pay it on time, it will only cost you $21. If you don't file it on time, the fee increases, however, after 90 days, you will not be able to put the vehicle in non-op status.
  3. Keep it off the streets - You cannot keep your vehicle parked on the street. Park it on your driveway or inside your garage - otherwise, this fee may be due.
  4. Getting tickets nullify your PNO-Status - If you get a ticket while your vehicle is in non-op status you will nullify your PNO-status and ALL registration fees will be due. This is why it is imperative to keep your cars off of public streets.
  5. It's a one time fee - Once this fee is posted, you do not have to pay it again. You will receive a notification in the mail giving you the OPTION to renew the tags (take it out of non-op)  or continue the status. If you elect to continue the status, you do not have to do anything.

One thing to note, some cars will fall off the DMV database due to inactivity, sadly, however, that includes vehicles in non-op status. This usually happens after 5-7 years of inactivity.

How do you file for the planned non-operation? Here are a few ways to get it done:

  1. Registration renewal notice - Your registration renewal notice gives you an option to pay the fee. Please carefully pay attention - there is a box you must check to indicate that you have elected this option. This is by far the easiest way to pay that fee.
  2. Pay it online - The DMV will give you the option to both renew your registration and also post the $21 non-op fee.
  3. Visit your local DMV - You can walk into the DMV and pay this fee. You will need to bring cash, check or a debit card to pay this, and you must also come with the REG 102 form (this is a 2 part form, make sure to print the second page only).
  4. Visit AAA - AAA, like DMV, can accept this fee. They will also require that you bring the REG 102.
  5. Visit a private registration service - Private registration services like us can also process this transaction for you.  We charge a $30 fee - save time and just get it done!


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