Has your California DMV registration sticker been lost, stolen or mutilated? It is imperative that you replace that sticker immediately. Police use visual cues to make a determination on whether or not to stop someone. The first thing they will look at is if you have an expired sticker on your plate. If someone stole it, or you lost it, or it’s been mutilated to the point that it needs to be replaced, law enforcement will stop you to question you. Avoid this scenario and replace your lost, stolen or mutilated sticker as soon as you can. The form that you must fill out to get any replacement inventory is the REG 156 (application for replacement plates, stickers, documents) form linked here: REG 156 Here are a couple of ways to replace your sticker.

  1. Go to the DMV – Bring your REG 156 form, along with the appropriate fee, and get ready to wait. The benefit of the DMV is that, as long as you have everything in order, such as your insurance, your money and your paperwork, you will get your sticker immediately. The drawback is the wait, and if you don’t have it in order, all that waiting would’ve been for nothing..
  2. Go to AAA – Just like the DMV, bring your forms, money, but you won’t have to wait as long at AAA. You must be a member to get it at AAA though.
  3. Mail your form – Mail your form along with the appropriate fee to DMV, PO BOX 942869, Sacramento, CA 94269-001.
  4. Private registration service – Like the DMV and AAA we can issue your new sticker instantly. Skip the lines, and be in and out in 5 minutes.

Learn more about vehicle registration: California Auto Registration.

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