California Auto Registration - Replacement Sticker

Has your California DMV registration sticker been lost, stolen or mutilated? It is imperative that you replace that sticker immediately. Police use visual cues to make a determination on whether or not to stop someone. The first thing they will look at is if you have an expired sticker on your plate. If someone stole it, or you lost it, or it's been mutilated to the point that it needs to be replaced, law enforcement will stop you to question you. Avoid this scenario and replace your lost, stolen or mutilated sticker as soon as you can. The form that you must fill out to get any replacement inventory is the REG 156 (application for replacement plates, stickers, documents) form linked here: REG 156 Here are a couple of ways to replace your sticker.

Planned Non-operation (PNO) - Non-op Status

If I don't plan to drive your car & if you plan to store & not operate your vehicle during the next dmv registration renewal year, you may apply for the Planned Non-Operation (PNO). If you miss your window to pay the PNO fee you may be being hundreds in penalties and be stuck with paying another year's registration. Avoid the headache and pay the $21 fee. Here are a few things to know about this option:

Suspended Registration - California DMV

If you have not had insurance for more than 2 months the likeliness is that your DMV registration is suspended! This is the DMV’s response to people who do not keep their vehicles insured when they are not in non-operation status on their vehicle. You will need the following to clear the suspension:

How do I change my address on my California DMV registration?

There are many reasons why you should have your address updated with the California DMV as soon as possible. Here are a few:

BEST 5 TIPS FOR NEW California Dealerships

Are you a new car dealership? I have seen many dealers, new and experienced, and have developed a list of suggestions that will save you time, money and make you more profitable and efficient. It is the small things that you do now that will save you a headache in the future. Here are my 5 recommendations as they relate to the DMV and your business.

California Dealerships Face Shortage of Qualified Technicians

Because the competition for car buyers is fierce, auto dealerships often rely on their service departments for greater profitability and steady cash flow. Unfortunately, this strategy is severely impacted by a shortage of auto technicians all across the country. Let’s explore why this shortage exists what is being done to close the gap.

Keep your DMV record Up-to-Date…or Else

It doesn’t matter to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that your life is busy. Like every other frustrated resident, you are required to keep your vehicle registration and official DMV records up-to-date. And, if you fall short, you can be sure that they won’t let you off the hook. How big a price you’ll have to pay will depend on the time that has elapsed, and what exactly is keeping you from being compliant. Here are a few examples of common trouble spots that Quick Auto Tags helps customers resolve every day.

Green Fleets – True advantages or baseless hype?

While top-level executives may find the positive PR of going green attractive, the cost of transforming entire fleets is not an easy task. While there are certainly benefits tied to sustainability initiatives, the costs are significant, especially if the company has not yet achieved enterprise status. Here are some of the specific concerns Fleet Managers have about going green:

5 Ways to Bring More Customers into Your Car Dealership | DMV Blog

The way that car dealers generate leads and negotiate sales has changed significantly in the past decade. Instead of full page print ads and continuous radio spots, many of our customers come to us via the internet. More often than not, they already have some idea what they are looking for, which features are most essential, and a ball-park asking price that they would consider fair. While establishing rapport is still essential for closure, it is not secondary to product knowledge, and comparisons to similar offerings. Let’s took a look at some of the ways your car dealership can emerge as the most-desired car-buying location in town.

5 Ways Fleet Vehicles Attract Customers

With fierce competition, companies are constantly looking for ways to bring in more business. When an entire fleet of vehicles is on the street every day, conducting business on your behalf, each of those vehicles can increase brand awareness and provide contact information to passers-by. What are some of the ways that we can use California-based fleet vehicles to attract customers? Let’s examine a few of the possibilities:
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