There are many reasons why you should have your address updated with the California DMV as soon as possible. Here are a few:

  1. Avoid late penalties: By receiving your registration renewal notice on time to the right address you will pay your registration on time & avoid paying penalties.
  2. Paying toll road citations & speeding tickets late: So you drove on the 91 freeway and got into the FastTrak lane & forgot to pay the toll, or you got a parking ticket. You can’t do anything about it at this point, however, if you don’t pay it in a timely fashion, it will accumulate penalties, and it will ending up costing you more
  3. Safety & emission recalls: Get notices from your vehicle’s manufacturers of safety or emissions recalls. The DMV will require that some recalls, particularly the emissions recalls, to be fixed BEFORE you can get your new sticker and registration renewal card. Also, manufacturer’s get the addresses from the DMV to notify owners of recalls, so if they have your incorrect address you won’t ever know!

How do I change my address on my California DMV registration? To change your address is very simple. Here are 4 ways that you can update your address:

  1. Download and print the DMV 14 here form from the DMV’s website. This method allows for you to update multiple vehicles at once. There is no fee associated with this. Mail it out to the following address: DMV CHANGE OF ADDRESS, PO BOX 942859, SACRAMENTO, CA 94259
  2. Go to and create a username and password (write this down somewhere, forever) and change it online.
  3. Use the registration renewal notice to change your address: There is a check mark in the front of the registration renewal notice for a change of address, and then you will fill out the back of the form and write the new address.
  4. Call us, email us, text, or go online and we can have a new registration card with your updated address: Unlike the previous 2 methods, this is not free, however, this will instantly give you an updated registration card with the updated address.

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