The way that car dealers generate leads and negotiate sales has changed significantly in the past decade. Instead of full page print ads and continuous radio spots, many of our customers come to us via the internet. More often than not, they already have some idea what they are looking for, which features are most essential, and a ball-park asking price that they would consider fair.

While establishing rapport is still essential for closure, it is not secondary to product knowledge, and comparisons to similar offerings. Let’s took a look at some of the ways your car dealership can emerge as the most-desired car-buying location in town.

1. Study for the test

With all the comparisons of performance, safety ratings, technology, entertainment, automations, and mechanics, it is safe to assume that any customer that walks on your lot already knows quite a bit about the models you offer. Be sure that your sales team is ready to intelligent discuss the details on-command.

2. Sharpen listening skills

While we all may have theories about the customer who parks way in the back, or come in without their spouses, there are more important characteristics that will help us close a sale – listening to what the customer has to say. It seems intuitive, but when it’s the end of a long month and we haven’t been hitting our numbers, it is easy for any salesperson to focus on his own needs. By providing regular reminders, and contrasting examples, we can help sales teams understand the invaluable benefit of having a calm, casual discussion. This approach puts the customer at ease and gives the salesperson a chance to build rapport that will could last far beyond this sale.

3. Engage on social media

The secret to using social media to grow your network and increase your sales is to keep your sales pitches few and far between. Highlighting a cool feature, or a new color is fine to draw attention and create a buzz, but skip the “buy now” message at the end; too much of that can be detrimental. Sharing humorous photos, local event tidbits, and community spotlights are a great way to gain exposure without turning off your audience.

4. Nurture leads

Not every nibble turns into a sale, at least not right away. There are several other ways you can continue building their interest until the moment is right. You might invite them to come in for a test drive, just to feel the handling of this model or experience how the new safety technology works. Another approach might be to do a trade-in assessment. This will help them assess their budget and, if the assessment is better than they expect, it may encourage them to move forward.

5. Emphasize after-sales service

The most successful salespeople understand that maintaining long-term relationships with their customers is the best way to ensure repeat and referral business. Don’t let the courtship end after they drive off the lot, send a postcard, an email, or make a quick phone call every now and again to keep your name in mind.

We are here to make your life easier, and your dealership more profitable

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