Great Deals for California Car Dealers

You are solely responsible for making sure that your dealership is profitable – planning, tracking, reporting, and problem-solving. You are responsible for keeping an eye on inventory, for forecasting sales, identifying trends, and making adjustments to hit your numbers.


Providing leadership for your sales and financing teams, you need to provide constant motivation, support, and inspiration. At the same time, you need to ensure that the service and parts departments are running smoothly, providing excellent customer service and maximum efficiency.


Although you are also the person who is ultimately accountable for ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, while ensuring the efficiency of the business office, and communicating regularly with vendors, the last thing you and your team have time for is dealing with the California DMV.

Time is Money

Handling these transactions by yourself means that one of your people will probably be waiting half the day at the DMV all day, just to hear that he or she will have to come back another day to get the remainder of the transactions taken care of. It’s not only unreasonable, it is ridiculous. Nobody has time for that.

An Ideal Solution

Good News! Quick Auto Tags can handle many of your routine DMV transactions at one time, often within the same day. And, we can also help you solve problems. Here are a few examples of the transactions that Quick Auto Tags can take care of to help California Dealers save time and money:

  • – Title Transfers
  • – Duplicate Titles
  • – One-Day Permits
  • – Smog Inspections
  • – Certificates of Correction
  • – Suspension of Registration
  • – VIN Verification

Tired of dealing with the DMV? Quick Auto Tags can get your DMV vehicle transactions processed quickly and easily, the way it should be.

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