What's New For 2018 Fleet Vehicles?

With a preview of the GM and Ford 2018 fleet offerings comes a strong response to the pain points faced daily by fleet managers. With safety as a top concern, numerous features have been added and improved in the 2018 models. In addition, fleet managers now have an array of tools to assist in efficient fleet management and comparisons to guide future purchases.


At the top of the list are technologies that provide warnings to warn drivers of dangers such as collision or pedestrians in the roadway. In addition, many models feature audible driver warnings that can be programmed by fleet management to reinforce safe driving practices.


Limit driver downtime by diagnosing problems related to driver and vehicle in real-time, provide solutions, and offer assistance when needed.


When roadways are under construction, effected by weather, or undergo transformations, direction guidance systems provide drivers with detailed driving instructions so they can travel safely from one point to another.


If you cannot find the tools or supplies you need to do your job, it causes a delay and effects your productivity. Carefully-designed cargo pockets, hooks, bins, and compartments help fleets maximize productivity.


With mobile apps, built in Wi-Fi hotspots, wireless charging, and multiple communication-focused features, drivers and fleet managers can rest assured that technological innovative solutions are essential in new fleet vehicles.


Whether you are beginning from a place of eco-consciousness, compliance, or cost, the latest evolution of fleet vehicles includes a multitude of alternative-fuel options such as E85, diesel, CNG, LPG, electrics, and hybrids as well as sophisticated calculators to compare emissions, fuel cost, and sustainability.


Whether your fleet consists of sedans, SUVs, cargo vans, medium-duty trucks, or pickups, count on seeing electronic logging device solutions, real-time alerts, location assistance, and other telematics solutions all new fleet vehicles that will help you reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your fleet.

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