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Clean Truck Check

The Clean Truck Check program, also known as the HD/IM program, is a program that was implemented in 2023 to start to address the emissions that are emitted by diesel powered vehicles. Currently in California there is a smog program that targets the emissions for a gas powered vehicles and some diesel vehicles. However, the HDIM program, which was passed by Senate Bill 210, largely targets larger vehicles that were previously exempt from any emissions standards, this even includes diesel powered motorhomes.


This program is very extensive and is a clear indication that California takes emissions very seriously.


These are some quick stats for the HDIM program on :


  1. Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating over 14,000 pounds
  2. Hybrid trucks
  3. Buses
  4. Commercial vehicles
  5. Privately-owned vehicles, such as motorhomes
  6. Government vehicles.
  7. Vehicles that are registered outside of California
Vehicles that are exempt from regulation:
  1. Zero-emission vehicles
  2. Military tactical vehicles
  3. Emergency vehicles
  4. New vehicles with engines certified to the most stringent NOx standard
  5. Motorhomes registered outside of California
  6. Vehicles operating under an experimental permit
  7. Historical vehicles.