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The importance of updating your address at the DMV:

This article will go over many of the reasons it is important to update your new address with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. We will also cover several ways in which you can update your new address. Updating your new address is very important, however, when you are moving, this is one of the tasks people tend to do last. Notices & letters are sent to the address on file, by not updating your new address notices never get to you. Although mail is slowly being phased out, and many have moved over to e-mail and texts notifications, mailed notifications are still being sent in 2021. In some cases, like the California DMV and law enforcement, it is required by California law to have your new address up to date. Furthermore, it avoids major headaches and problems when your new address is up to date. Why is updating your new address in the California DMV records so important? Here are some of the headaches you can avoid:

  1. The DMV will send you your registration renewal notices.. By doing this simple thing, you avoid possibly being late and incurring late penalty fees when it is time to get your auto tag stickers. Don’t be like so many of my customers that only find out they are late when one of their kids or a friend tells them that their tags are already expired.
  2. The DMV will send you a notice of a suspended registration and you will be unaware of it. Sometimes your insurance company doesn’t notify the DMV that you have insurance, and as a result, you could be driving around with a suspended registration for assuming that the insurance company did their part by electronically notifying the DMV.
  3. The DMV will send you a notice of unpaid registration fees. Sometimes a person you sold a vehicle to doesn’t do a title transfer, and as a result, the vehicle remains in your name, and as a result, all notices, such as tickets, unpaid registration fees, and things of that sort, get sent to you. By having the right address on file, you will quickly respond to those notices & avoid collections process against you on a vehicle that you no longer own.
  4. Other entities, such as a tow yard, parking ticket enforcements and other third parties may send you notices and you may not be aware of them. A a tow yard could send you a notice of a pending lien sale or a parking enforcement agency may have sent you a ticket that you are unaware of. Having these notices sent to you is imperative so that you can respond promptly to clarify the situation.
  5. You need to get a most recent registration card updated so you can purchase a gun.
  6. You need to get notified for your commercial driver’s license CDL
  7. You need to have your disabled placards owned mailed to the right address
  8. Notifications about your trailer coach or vessel sent to you
  9. Notifications for your California driver’s license
  10. Notifications for your motor vehicles from the DMV
  11. Citations for your motor vehicles from entities other than the DMV
  12. Notifications for your commercial driver license
  13. Getting your new title after you did a California title request
  14. Ordering a new license or ID card card
  15. Getting voter registration notices
  16. Registered owners of vehicles that are towed get notifications mailed to them at their old residential address

When it comes to your driver’s license an additional step is required: having your address certificate card with you at all times when you’re driving is the law until you get your new license or ID card arrive.

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California dmv registration renewal

How to Do a California DMV change of address

So how easy is it have your address updated at the DMV? The answer is VERY easy. Listed below are a few ways you can get this done:

  1. **Filling out form DMV 14: fill it out, sign it, and mail it to the DMV. (see below)
  2. **Sign up online on the DMV’s website and electronically update your address yourself.
  3. Go to a DMV field office and get it done personally yourself. Click here (https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/locations/) to locate the closest DMV field office near you.
  4. If you’re a member of AAA your membership allows for you to skip the DMV lines and go to the AAA lines instead.
  5. Let an authorized DMV Business Partner to take care of this request for you instantly.

**Unfortunately with these first 2 options you won’t get an updated registration card, however, the other, and quickest way to do it, is coming into our office and having us do it for you. We can issue you the new registration with the updated address immediately, and you won’t have to worry about it again.

Some tips for those individuals who did not change their address on time and have not received their vehicle registration renewal notice by mail: Look at the top of your registration card – this will tell you your vehicle’s registration period – although you do not have the notice in your hand, you are still able to pay for your registration and still know when that vehicle registration period is. When you do renew your registration make sure to provide your new residential address.


If time is important to you, Quick Auto Tags and other business partners are the best places to get this task done. There is virtually no waiting & no appointment is required. The fee that we charge for convenience far outweighs the amount of time wasted just waiting to be seen. If this rings true to you, give us a call or visit us to day.


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